Quality monitoring system

The capacitor discharge welding is mainly characterized by two welding parameters. These are the welding force and welding energy.

The welding parameters are adjusted to the part to be welded and set accordingly. GLAMAtronic ensures a high reproducibility of the welding quality due to the discharge of electrical energy occurs only when all the welding parameters are within the allowed tolerances. Additional quality controls, such as parts control through a height measurement, before and after fusion, can be added. The quality monitoring system GKS-Q used by GLAMAtronic checks all relevant process parameters during the welding process. Thus, a consistent welding quality is made possible by monitoring the pulse welding current, welding time and the setting way. All necessary welding data are analyzed, recorded and documented in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9000.

Scope of the systemMaschinenpult

The quality system consists of a computer with data acquisition and control functions, which simultaneously performs the control function for the welding machine. The control unit is installed in the air-conditioned cabinet. For system security the computers are equipped with UPS. Further features include a VGA color TFT display, a keyboard with a silicone keyboard and touchpad in IP 65 version, a RJ45 network connection and other standard PC interfaces. The monitored and recorded process data are stored with the corresponding tolerance limits. A test order for each part to be produced can be generated. Within a test order, the system records all the data layer also related to a working shift.

bar chart
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numerical list

The basic diagram for the production is a bar graph. All relevant information are shown in this kind of illustration. If the recorded measurement values are within the tolerance limits, the bars are shown in a “green” color. Measured values outside of these tolerances are shown in “red”. Subsequently, the machine can stop the welding process once actions such as the sorting of parts, a warning and / or a plant stop trigger are released. We also offer the labeling of the welded parts in order to assign them properly at any later time.

Special forms of visualization of the quality monitoring system GKS-Q can be adjusted individually at any time via an internal customer-oriented graphics program. Furthermore technical drawings can be embedded into the system to visualize them once needed.

Upon request, the machine control displays the recorded values as a histogram, control chart, single value card and the like. The machine cycle is explicitly not tied to any form of visualization.

The measurements taken during the manufacturing process are stored in the system. A data export for further evaluation purposes is provided as standard. The measured values can be provided directly to the weld via an RS-232 connection or via an RJ45 interface. This is usually done transmitting the data to a master PLC or host computer. Optionally, the data are prepared for a SQL database and stored therein. The system also provides you with the actual measured values. All existing data can be analyzed overlapping the working shifts.