Range of delivery

CD-welding machines from 1 kJoule to 160 kJoule electrical energy – welding machines up to 25 kJoule will be delivered as C-frame and machines with higher electrical energies are delivered as portal-frames.

• Medium frequency welding machines with a welding power from 100 kVA up to 2.000 kVA
• Tooling and equipment for precise positioning of parts to be welded
• Automation equipment for loading, unloading and testing of parts to be welded
• Job-shop welding for our customers through the GLAMAtronic Produktionstechnik GmbH
• Electrical controls for machinery and equipment of all kind

The selection of the type of welding machine is dependent on the conditions of the parts to be welded. Significant influence has the joining geometry such as the number of welding projections or the diameter of a circular projection.

Basic tests, further process optimization, prototypes and welding for pre-series are carried out by the GLAMAtronic product development division.