System technology

GLAMAtronic builds standard welding machines in C-frame (GKS-C) and portal
frame (GKS-P) design.
GLAMAtronic special welding machines are custom designed and built to
customer requirements.
The holding of tools is carried out as a component-related welding equipment.
GLAMAtronic automates work and manufacturing processes, and thereby increases the efficiency of the overall process.
The integrated quality monitoring system GKS-Q controls the welding processes, to
ensure the product quality in the long term.

All GLAMAtronic welding machines have an automatic interface. In that case the communication occurs to a higher level system, through which the welding parameters are accessed, process data are transmitted and external monitoring is possible.

Welding of high-carbon and high-strength gear parts with a second post heating impulse for annealing the joint.

Welding of common rail applications with double tool holder in a partially automated machine.

Fully automated procedure for welding gear parts, including parts supply, CD-welding, demagnetization and quality control.